I don’t remember ever being taught about consent. Surely I must have been. At some point. Otherwise, why didn’t I ever push past slow down? Grabbed a co-worker inappropriately? Why haven’t I violated a passed-out date? Never thought that my satisfaction was more important than my companion’s well-being? Is it because I have a mysterious […]

I was sorting through some old writing and came across this piece that I wrote for sj over on booksnobbery.com. It is one of my favourite pieces. It deals with a topic close to my heart and is likely as important to me today as it was then. Hope you enjoy it. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON BOOKSNOBBERY.COM, JANUARY […]

Like many folks of my generation and profession (#DayJob in tech sector of financial services), I suffer from a fairly sedentary lifestyle. And have for quite some time — my gig for the past 17 years has been 99.99% telecommuting; 10-12 hours a day parked in a chair in front of a bank of monitors. […]

The Kickstarter for Uncanny Magazine’s DISABLED PEOPLE DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION is now up. I backed and loved Lightspeed’s WOMEN DESTROY, QUEERS DESTROY, PEOPLE OF COLOR DESTROY (SF/FANTASY/HORROR) series and have already backed DPDSF. You should too.

This week saw a bunch of Canadian writers rant and rail on Twitter against the “mobbing” of Hal Niedzviecki for his editorial on cultural appropriation (perhaps more appropriately described as his lack of understanding of cultural appropriation). The folks in question are — unsurprisingly — white and privileged. Hell, one of the douchebags is an […]

  This week I am reading Damien Angelica Walters‘ PAPER TIGERS. I’ve read some of her short work before and the opening chapters of PT reminded me that I loveLoveLOVE her voice. I found myself craving at times when reading wasn’t convenient: while walking Harvey the Wonderhound, cooking, driving. An audio fix seemed in order, especially […]

Despite recognizing the importance of diversity in publishing, trying to balance my own reading habits and supporting markets that promote diversity, I am a cis white male neophyte writer and sometimes stumble in discussing it. So, I will leave that to the good folks at FIYAH: Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction: Public conversations about and around diversity […]

OK, today is PI Day, but the Ides of March is tomorrow and a better thematic fit. Besides, I’m a recovering mathematician. I started 2017 with an ambitious BigPlan(tm) for writing in 2017. So, how am I doing? Item Target Actual #YearOfReadingShorts 74 78 Write 500 Words Per Day 37,000 16,200 Blog Posts 11 6 In […]

Last night a group of Canadians were murdered while they prayed. Today I feel hollowed out. Maybe I should be angry. Indignant. Outraged. But if I hold on to those, I’ll get caught up in the intoxication those emotions bring. I’ll lose my way. They are feelings best left to those more qualified to wield them. Canadians […]

Kellie Leitch has been getting her ass kicked around the media in Toronto lately and deservedly so. The Witch-Queen-of-Creemore talked to Toronto Life about how the 6ix isn’t like the place she grew up. She “would never go next door and ask my neighbour for a cup of sugar.” I had grown up in a place […]

When I decided to do a #YearOfReadingShorts I noted that I have a huge backlog of short stories to read. There are a number of different sources for that lofty TBR pile. Today I’ll talk about the danger of the UsedBook (genus libristritisinsumptuosus). I love used book stores. Real used book stores. You know what […]

Preface: Like many, I resolved to post more in the new year. Once a week in fact. I had not planned for any of those posts to be political. We’ve all had enough of that lately. That said, my social media feeds are overflowing with conversations about the ACA and I have something to say. Here it […]