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2016 Black SFF Writer Survey Report

Despite recognizing the importance of diversity in publishing, trying to balance my own reading habits and supporting markets that promote diversity, I am a cis white male neophyte writer and sometimes stumble in discussing it. So, I will leave that to the good folks at FIYAH: Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction: Public conversations about and around diversity […]

New LitMags to Watch

As we 2015 winds down, we received word that Tor.com is closing their slush pile. They will continue to solicit short fiction submissions, but no more unsolicited stuff for them. Fair enough as they are a very visible, yet exclusive market. It looks like they have not updated their submissions page yet, so if you […]

Writer’s Markets on FaceBook

While I do get most of my market info from Duotrope, Ralan and DarkMarkets, there are a number of Facebook Groups out there. Here are three of my favourites: OPEN CALL: HORROR MARKETS (paying markets) OPEN CALL: FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR (non-paying markets) Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art) All are closed groups and you have to join in order to see listing information. They also have […]

New Storyville: Ten Places to Send Your Fiction in 2015

If you are writing and submitting (or procrastinating about either), you need to be reading Richard Thomas’ Storyville column over at LitReactor. This time around, Richard writes about 10 places to submit your work this year, including a couple of new spots I missed on Duotrope. http://litreactor.com/columns/ten-places-to-send-your-fiction-in-2015 Read. Write. Submit. Repeat. Good luck!

Women Destroy Horror Reading Period

Women Destroy Horror Reading Period With the GREAT SUCCESS of Lightspeed Magazine’s Women Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter campaign comes Women Destroy Horror and Women Destroy Fantasy. Reading for these two special issues opens on March 15, 2014 (closing March 31,2014) and submissions are open to women, where “A woman is any human being who identifies […]

Calls for submission column coming soon from Beverly Bambury Publicity

This just popped up in my Twitter feed from @BeverlyBambury (formerly of ChiZine Publications, now a freelance publicist): In the next week or two I’ll have the first of a reoccurring column aggregating calls for submission. It will be by Selene MacLeod who also administers the successful Facebook group Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art). […]

Everywritersresource’s list of Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am seeing quite a bit of interest (in terms of traffic and click-throughs) in posts on markets, so I’m going to do micro-posts like this when I come across new resources. I have no interest in trying to maintain proper markets listings, especially when there are […]

A Writer’s Guide to Canadian Literary Magazines & Journals

Seeing quite a bit of action on the Horror Short Markets post and came across this summary of CanLit magazines that may come in handy for folks looking to submit their work: A Writer’s Guide to Canadian Literary Magazines & Journals Good luck!

Horror Short Markets

If you’re anything like me (e.g. a neophyte writer without a clue how to sell a story), you may not know a whole lot about finding places to submit your work. Somewhere along the line, I received access to WritersMarket and figured “Great. Now I’ll find lots of places to submit to.” Well, now that […]

Call for submissions: Precocious Children in Adult Stories

While I was researching the market for dark short stories last night (am I the only one that thinks that Writer’s Market is a waste of time?), I came across an interesting call for subs from Solarwyrm: Solarwyrm Press is calling for submissions for an anthology of stories involving precocious children. These are not supposed […]