readingcigar Part of Cheffo’s Big Plan(tm) for writing in 2017 is to read at least one short story each day. I plan to concentrate on short stories in part because I have a huge backlog of quality shorts in my TBR and because I need to read more critically and learn from a wide variety of work from great writers.
Here is what I have read so far in 2017.
Date Title Author Publication
14-Mar-2017 You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych Kathleen Kayembe Nightmare Magazine
13-Mar-2017 Lily at Twilight Kate O’Connor Gamut Magazine
12-Mar-2017 3-Dot People Gene O’Neill Chiral Mad III
11-Mar-2017 Watch Me Meghan Arcuri Chiral Mad III
10-Mar-2017 Red Runner vs. the Surgeon Jessica May Lin Chiral Mad III
9-Mar-2017 Blood Dust Max Booth III Chiral Mad III
8-Mar-2017 The Offering On the Hill Richard Thomas Chiral Mad III
7-Mar-2017 A Flash of Red Erinn L. Kemper Chiral Mad III
6-Mar-2017 A Love Not Meant To Outlast the Butterflies Mercedes M. Yardley Gamut Magazine
5-Mar-2017 Votary M.K. Hobson For Mortal Things Unsung
4-Mar-2017 Used Sandra M. Odell For Mortal Things Unsung
3-Mar-2017 Kill Screen Chris Lewis Carter For Mortal Things Unsung
2-Mar-2017 The Fisher Queen Alyssa Wong For Mortal Things Unsung
1-Mar-2017 Watchers Lavie Tidhar For Mortal Things Unsung
28-Feb-2017 Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me Eugie Foster For Mortal Things Unsung
27-Feb-2017 Looker David Nickle For Mortal Things Unsung
26-Feb-2017 Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers Alyssa Wong Queers Destroy Horror!
25-Feb-2017 Basic Black Terry Dowling Southern Blood
24-Feb-2017 Nunavut Thunderfuck Dale R. Sproule The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir
23-Feb-2017 Clown Shoes Cassandra Khaw Clowns: The Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix
22-Feb-2017 The Hanging Tree Maura McHugh Black Static #38
21-Feb-2017 Oldies Jack Ketchum Jamais Vu #2
20-Feb-2017 Forest Born Sylvia Heike Gamut Magazine
19-Feb-2017 Love Is a Cavity I Can’t Stop Touching Stephen Graham Jones Gamut Magazine
18-Feb-2017 Returned Kat Howard Nightmare Magazine
17-Feb-2017 Man in Blue Overcoat Silvia Moreno-Garcia Imaginarium 4
16-Feb-2017 We Be Naked Zsuzsi Gartner Imaginarium 4
15-Feb-2017 Wendigo Nights Siobhan Carroll Imaginarium 4
14-Feb-2017 Bamboozled Kelly Armstrong Imaginarium 4
13-Feb-2017 What You Couldn’t Leave Behind Matthew Johnson Imaginarium 4
11-Feb-2017 The Nigger Knockers Rion Amilcar Scott New York Tyrant
10-Feb-2017 The Big Snip Thomas Pluck Great Jones Street
9-Feb-2017 Temporary Monsters Ian Rogers Supernoirtural Tales
8-Feb-2017 The Caretakers David Nickle Tor.com
07-Feb-2017 Today I Am A Black And Gray Skull With Snakes Coming Out Of Its Mouth xTx Today I Am A Book
06-Feb-2017 Figure 8 E. Catherine Tobler Gamut Magazine
05-Feb-2017 A Bad Day in Boat Repo Nick Kolakowski THUGLIT Last Writes
04-Feb-2017 The Killers Ernest Hemingway Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural
03-Feb-2017 Edge Melia McClure meliamcclure.com
02-Feb-2017 You Are Going To Lose Everything Joanna C. Valente Entropy Magazine
01-Feb-2017 Screaming Elk, MT Laird Barron Swift to Chase
31-Jan-2017 The Good Husband Nathan Ballingrud North American Lake Monsters
30-Jan-2017 The Lonely Sea in the Sky Amal El-Mohtar Great Jones Street
29-Jan-2017 Contest Entries Various Authors Flash Frenzy 124
28-Jan-2017 Tourist Rebecca Jones-Howe Vile Men
27-Jan-2017 Following Marla John R. Little Group Hex Vol. 1
26-Jan-2017 The Line Forms to the Right Amanda Gowin Burnt Tongues
25-Jan-2017 Thirteen Views of the Suicide Woods Bracken MacLeod Shock Totem #9
24-Jan-2017 The Only Why Is You Rebecca J. Allred LampLight Magazine, Issue 5.2
23-Jan-2017 The Bubblegum Man Eric Reitan Gamut Magazine
22-Jan-2017 Apt Pupae John F.D. Taff Not Your Average Monster! II
21-Jan-2017 Phrase Book Silvia Moreno-Garcia The Dark Issue 4
20-Jan-2017 That Perilous Stuff Scott Edelman Chiral Mad 3
19-Jan-2017 Sex Armageddon Lindsey Hunter Gamut Magazine
18-Jan-2017 Medium Tough Craig Davidson The Best American Short Stories 2014
17-Jan-2017 Sunshine for Adrienne Antonia Crane The New Black
16-Jan-2017 A Tale of the Ragged Mountains Edgar Allen Poe Collected Works of E.A. Poe
15-Jan-2017 Dreams Timothy Findley New Anthology of Canadian Literature
14-Jan-2017 The Monster In The Field Steve Rasnic Tem Celestial Inventories
13-Jan-2017 Sanditon Helen Marshall Hair Side, Flesh Side
12-Jan-2017 The Mark of Cain Roxane Gay Difficult Women
11-Jan-2017 The Shade Caller DaVaun Sanders FIYAH Magazine
10-Jan-2017 Etch the Unthinkable Kurt Fawver Gamut Magazine
09-Jan-2017 The Only Gay Man in Bewdley Tony Burgess The Bewdley Mayhem
08-Jan-2017 Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears Richard Thomas Slices of Flesh
08-Jan-2017 The Damage Done Mark Matthews The Damage Done
07-Jan-2017 When the Women Come Out to Dance Elmore Leonard Best American Noir of the Century
06-Jan-2017 The ABCs of Murder Mercedes M. Yardley Beautiful Sorrows
06-Jan-2017 If He Summons His Herd Matthew M. Bartlett Lost Signals
06-Jan-2017 A Face in the Crowd Tim Waggoner 44 Lies by 22 Liars
05-Jan-2017 The Spindly Man Stephen Graham Jones After the People Lights Have Gone Off
05-Jan-2017 Loneliness Is In Your Blood Cadwell Turnbull Nightmare Magazine
04-Jan-2017 The Breath Jessie Volk Blight Digest Fall 2014
04-Jan-2017 Trick of the Light Sèphera Girón Group Hex Vol. 1
04-Jan-2017 Three a.m. and the Stars Were Out Ron Rash Great Jones Street
03-Jan-2017 Sundowning Andrew Robertson Siren’s Call #30
02-Jan-2017 Love Story, an Exorcism Michelle E. Goldsmith Gamut Magazine
01-Jan-2017 Longboat Becky Regalado Darkness Ad Infinitum
Villipede Horror Anothology I
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